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Dana Landry

Dana Landry

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    Over the past two decades Dana has earned a reputation of being one of the most qualified and effective real estate brokers in the Capital Region. His love of real estate brought him from a high-profile corporate career in the telecommunications industry to become a founding partner of Washington Fine Properties. Serving as the firm's Principal Broker since 1999, Dana has been instrumental in Washington Fine Properties’ well-managed growth since its inception. His insight into creating a firm that provides the highest level of service to its agents and clients alike has allowed Washington Fine Properties to grow to 165 agents with ten offices throughout Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

    Dana brings years of professional experience to his current position as Principal Broker for Washington Fine Properties, where he manages the overall operations of the company. He attributes his success to his ability to develop relationships with both agents and clients alike and in providing the highest level of support to help achieve their goals. Dana is a Certified Management Accountant and member of the Institute of Management Accountants, as well as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida.

    Before joining Washington Fine Properties, Dana enjoyed a 17-year career with Mitel, a global leader in telecommunications, in various financial management roles, beginning in their U.S. Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. He relocated to Mitel's corporate offices in Ontario, Canada, to head corporate finance worldwide for one of the company's major divisions and subsequently became the Director of Corporate Finance across several divisions, overseeing all aspects of management support, planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Dana managed the acquisition of RCA Business Telephone Systems, a competitive telecommunications company, overseeing their integration into Mitel's U.S. business. This ultimately required him to relocate to Mitel's U.S. headquarters in Reston, Virginia. After the successful integration of the acquisition, he became Head of Finance and Business Support for the U.S. operations before leaving Mitel in 2000 to establish Washington Fine Properties.
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    Dear Dana,

    I don't know if Washington Fine Properties has awards. If so, I have some nominees. If not, here are some candidates for recognition at your next lunch gathering.

    First heroine is Sally Marshall. She sold my mother's house at full asking price within about two weeks. However, she demonstrated her professionalism on this deal two years before. I had a hip replacement, and my mother had a stroke on the same day. I was worried what my mother's finances would be, so, still groggy from the operation, I called Sally for advice. She was gracious and very helpful, even, later, when it seemed like my son would be taking over the house, and thus not a traditional sale. When I turned to her this year, she kicked right in with highly personalized professionalism and very wise advice about preparing the property.

    If there were a category for hardship-pay commissions, Sally earned it. Before the ideal buyer arrived, Sally's presentation of the house attracted not only the normal level of interest but we had not one, but two over-eager potential buyers. (I'll let the full story come out when she writes her memoirs some day.)

    Dana wins best supporting role for his calm, strong, wise role in the over-eager buyer stage.

    Marilyn Paige wins in the international category. Not only had she attracted a super-qualified European buyer to help them find a home, but in an incredibly short timeframe, (with the paperwork and the process jumping from Germany to England to the US), she got everything prepared, initiated, and she presented us with the most clean, organized offer imaginable, even taking care of financing and inspection issues in advance! It was extremely impressive and certainly made up my mind.

    Sally would correct me if I did not give credit to some supportive players, some of whom are sitting in the room. Thank you to those of you who previewed the house on Carvel Road in Westmoreland Hills, and submitted secret "votes" to Sally on what would be the most appropriate asking price. This process brings great comfort and credibility (and/or reality check) for the sellers. We followed your advice, and you were right.

    Finally, congratulations to WFP for by-far-the-best photography and web presentation. Wow! In fact, the pictures were probably a big reason that Marylyn's clients felt comfortable making a perfectly prepared final offer before actually seeing the house in person.

    So, sincere thanks and congratulations to the whole WFP team.


    Fredrick Hunt
    April 14, 2009